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Vinyl: John Grant

John Grant with the BBC Philharmonic : Live In Concert

I was totally amazed when I received this unexpected gift. I’ve been a fan of John Grant and his music for several years now, but have never had the opportunity to see him perform live. That changes at this year’s Edinburgh International Festival in August, because I have a ticket to see him then. I’d mentioned this to my friend Jeff, who is also a fan of Mr Grant and has seen him live several times I think. Not long after our correspondence, this sumptuos piece of grey-green vinyl arrived. I hurriedly unwrapped it and put on to my turntable.

What makes listening to this album so special is the fact that it is of a live performance. It provides me a with sense of what to expect from John Grant later in the year. Songs are faithfully reproduced, and this is greatly assisted by the BBC Philharmonic. There have been occasions when I’ve seen or heard an artist that I like, play live, and have been disappointed that the sound bares little resemblance to their studio recordings. This is not the case with Mr Grant. His delivery throughout the concert is as emotive and passionate as always. Songs are interspersed with engaging and thoughtful chat about places and people that are important to John or have influenced his songwriting and lyrics.

Altogether this a fantastic addition to my vinyl collection and I’m even more excited about seeing him live in a few months time. Thanks Jeff for your gift! 

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