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Gig: Bananarama

Derek Digital
Edinburgh Castle Esplanade – 20 July 2018

Last Friday was real fun. The drizzle had just about stopped as evening approached. The temperature, in Scotland’s capital, was warm enough for everyone to wander outside in clothes that are usually reserved for our Mediterranean vacations. High in the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade stands, one portly gentlemen decided to entertain everyone with an impromptu striptease. Thankfully this was hastily stopped by security personnel, much to the relief of onlookers. Down at ground level, audience members who were clearly old enough to know better, had obviously been partaking in a lot of refreshment during the afternoon. Many were trying, and failing, to remember the dance moves to the sounds that filled the air. The one common theme that bound us together was that, like Robert de Niro, we were all waiting for Bananarama to take to the stage.

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